15% OFF  D1 Compact Flash



15% OFF on Profoto D1 Flashes until December, 31st 2016 

Portrait & wedding photography • Pack shot & interior photography • Advanced amateurs



6 Important Product advantages & User benefits


1. Small and lightweight: Easy to transport,quick assembly and disassembly. 

2. Wide power range: Sufficient for low demand jobs or low power flash for special effects from one unit.

3. Easy to use: Direct and unobstructed control of all settings.

4. Integrated radio sync & remote: Safe and reliable wireless synchronization and control even over a huge distance (Profoto Air system).

5. Huge assortment of light shaping tools: The light can be adjusted to every need and style, no limitation of the photographers’ creative freedom – accepts most Profoto light shaping tools.

6. Outstanding reliability: Advanced power supply and electronics guarantee a safe and continuous operation, even with heavy duty use. Integrated reflector with glass cover protects subject, user and glass parts.



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11 Item(s)

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