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Tenba Messenger DNA 13 Graphite

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Precio Normal: 139,45 € Iva Incl.

Precio Especial 122,72 € Iva Incl.

La Tenba Messenger DNA está diseñada para adaptarse a las necesidades de los fotógrafos todo terreno que se desplazan en bicicleta por la ciudad y necesitan tener su equipo protegido de las inclemencias del tiempo.

El interior de la bandolera está preparado para proteger a la perfección todo tipo de artefactos delicados como cámaras, lentes o portátiles.

  • Capacidad: para cámara sin espejo con 4-5 lentes ouna DSLR con 2 - 3 lentes (hasta70-200mm2.8), además de flashy accesorios.

  • Puede albergar un iPad, tableta o portátil de hasta 13 pulgadas.




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"Sois excelentes, he tenido un gran trato con Ana,que me ha ofrecido un trato excepcional siempre"  save imageAlberto

"La verdad es que es un placer comprar en KINA, trato personalizado y productos de gran calidad" save image Juan Carlos

Fantástico el servicio de respuesta telefónico, especialmente, Ana" save image Roberto 

"Magnífica atención. No se puede pedir más del servicio que prestan y la comodidad para comunicarse con ellos"  save image Santi 

Sois excelentes, he tenido un gran trato con Ana,que me ha ofrecido un trato excepcional siempre" save image  Fernando 

"Perfecto el servicio de venta y sobre todo, lo que considero más importante, el servicio postventa de Kinafotosave image José

" Muchas gracias por todo!! Especialmente a Ana, el trato ha sido muy agradable!!!! save image Julio

Información del producto
Más Información

La Messenger DNA cuenta con costuras reforzadas, apertura rápida en la parte frontal de la bandolera, una cremallera de acceso rápido al interior en la parte superior de la mochila, está hecha con materiales impermeables y, además, incluye una funda reversible para los días lluviosos.

También tiene correas ajustables que permite conectar las anillas en forma de D, evitando así que la bandolera se deslice de su posición cuando se viaja en bici o en moto.


  • Capacidad: Cámara sin espejo con 4-5 lentes o una DSLR con lentes de 3.2 (hasta 70-200mm 2.8), además de flash y accesorios.
  • Puede albergar un iPad, tableta o portátil de hasta 13 pulgadas.
  • Clips magnéticos Fidlock® que permiten un rápido cierre y abertura de la bandolera.
  • Compartimiento acolchado extraíble
  • Correas de seguridad ajustables que impiden que la mochila se mueva mientras vas en bici o moto.
  • Cremallera superior que proporciona un rápido acceso al contenido 
  • Incluye funda reversible (plata/negro) protectora para la lluvia.


  • Peso: 1.3 Kg
  • Dimensiones Exteriores: 37 X 27 X 16-19 cm        (Alto - Ancho - Profundo)
  • Dimensiones Interiores:  33 X 24 X 13-18 cm        (Alto - Ancho - Profundo)
  • Compartimiento para Portátil: 33  X 23 X 3.0 cm   (Alto - Ancho - Profundo)

Referencia: 638-375

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Opiniones del cliente (1)
Much more than I was looking for
Two months ago, I was looking for a great case to carry a laptop and a mirrorless camera, plus some additional stuff. As an UX designer, whenever I look for something, I'm obesessed with searching for *perfect solution*, not just good one. Oh, and a beautiful one at the same time.

Having used a Manfrotto Unica Messenger I before, which was just great when I had to carry just an iPad with me, I firstly wanted to buy a bigger one of the same family. Unfortunately, the bigger ones are quite big, actually, there was no good medium size solution for urban photographer like me. Not willing to go too bulky, I decided to search for something else.

I stumbled upon Tenba just after some time of searching, when I was a little bit tired with searching and was about to give up. Feature by feature I realized that this is *the* solution for me. But I found it to be much too expensive when ordering from the US. Fortunately, I found this store and the price was really reasonable now. Great. I got in touch with the store to ask about some details of the transaction and I ordered it. And I was really impressed how fast I hot the parcel.

After unboxing and realizing that "OK, this one IS bigger anyway..." I started examining all the features. Great in each inch. The color, finishing, those small details that make difference between good things and darn great things - everything was just there. The zippers were easy to grab without looking at them, for example. Another one - that it does not make sounds when walking, something that was very annoying with Unica, when the zipper handles just jingled all the time. Or the protective cover for the band on the arm was covered with rubber on one side, so that it didn't slip away. And the zip-or-open solution (something I got used to with Unica bag) seemed to be another great thing. Yup. Great purchase.

After two months of usage, I must say that Tenba Messenger has proven to be amazing. It mixes great functionality, great design and great quality. It hasn't changed the shape, not even a little bit. There are many bags that look great at the moment you buy them and then deform, change their shape so finally they look worse. Not this one. It still holds it initial look and feel. On every day basis I only use the zipper to open it, because in most situations I don't need to carry my 13" laptop with me, just iPad. The zipper is perfect specially when you have your little ones and don't want to wake them up at night (which for children starts around 9PM, just the moment when you can sit down to some evening work). However, if you need to carry a laptop as well, you will need to open the bag to take it out - it's quite difficult with just the zipper (although: feasible, barely).

The cover on the arm strap is a must., and the rubber dots on it, something I already mentioned, are just perfect choice. I often wear a leather jacket which would otherwise suffer from everyday contact with a normal strap, but not in this case. Another win.

The bag has dozens, just dozens of small features that are great. Pockets for example. They are both on the internal part of the bag AND on the removable compartment for photo gear. Oh, by the way - this compartment allows you to easily change contexts for the bag. Not necessary for me, but great as an idea. Everything is adjustable, which may be a feature offered by many other bags. It just works. And holds everything in shape again. Back to pockets - the back of the bag has one for documents. You can also put them near the laptop compartment. The back one has also smaller pockets for small paper stuff - notes etc. and pens. But if you don't want them there, you can choose another pocket for them, somewhere inside the bag - because there are plenty of them. Even the flap cover holds two, including one with zipper.

For me, there is just one little disadvantge of this bag: no loop inside to snap your keys too. Otherwise it's the best bag I ever used and I'm totally happy with the purchase. Totally. And it doesn't look like a classic, bulky, boring, ugly photo bag nor classic ugly non-funcitonal laptop bag. Combining both, and doing it with style, it's just "wow".
Review by Dominik (Realizado el 29/4/2015)
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